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Bermuda Entrepreneurship Summit 
Hamilton Princess | November 21, 2019
The Bermuda Entrepreneurship Summit
Connect with hundreds of the island’s top small business owners and corporate “intrapreneurs” while learning from top thought leaders in personal branding, networking, time management, health and wellness, digital marketing, and more. 
Dear Small Business Owners and Corporate "Intrapreneurs"
If you're looking to increase revenue, develop your business online and internationally,  and go from running a niche business in Bermuda to establishing a globally-recognized brand, then #BES2019 will help you scale your operations, make more sales, and learn the skills necessary to stand out from the competition.

Entrepreneurship is a mindset, so regardless of whether you currently run your own company, or you're working for one of the large corporations on the island currently, the innovative content we will cover during this all-day, executive-level conference will give you the confidence you need to command a higher salary, manage your time and energy more effectively, and become well-known for your work

You do not want to miss the first-ever Bermuda Entrepreneurship Summit! In fact, we sold out of Early Bird tickets even before we publicly announced this forum (and the remaining seats will sell out, too!), so register now to ensure that you can learn from the world-class speakers from across Bermuda and North America that are collaborating with us to bring you the most valuable experience you'll have this year. 

We believe so strongly that you will make meaningful new connections and receive dozens of massive, immediately applicable ideas for growing your business and/or taking your career to the next level that we're providing a "More Than Money Back" guarantee! If you decide to invest in yourself and attend this summit, and don't feel like you've received a positive ROI after the first few hours of #BES2019, then we will refund you entirely AND write a check, in your name, to your favorite charity. But, think of it this way...

What's a new client worth to your business? If you could save even a few hours of your time each week, or learned a handful of techniques for managing your energy levels when things get busy, then this experience will more than pay for itself! If you have any doubts or concerns that you won't benefit from #BES2019, then please contact us before saying "no" to this opportunity without getting all the information. 

Otherwise, we hope to see you at the Hamilton Princess on Thursday, November 21 for this celebration of entrepreneurship during 2019's Global Entrepreneurship Week in Bermuda!
- Matt Thomas and Jared Kleinert,
Co-Founders of the Bermuda Entrepreneurship Summit
Meet World-Class Speakers and Entrepreneurs, Including...

Elyse Archer, personal brand strategist and video confidence creator
Learn why Lewis Howes, Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, and others are using her proven “brand builder” frameworks to turn their reputation into revenue (and how you can do the same!). 
Improve your social media profiles, develop a dedicated following for your business, generate press coverage, create relationships with industry influencers, speak powerfully from stage, harbor confidence when recording videos to share with clients and prospects online, and more with Elyse’s advice. 

Tim Francis, award-winning founder of ProfitFactory.com and GreatAssistant.com
Save time and money immediately after attending the Bermuda Entrepreneurship Summit by applying Tim's incredibly practical insights on time management, hiring, delegation, developing efficient standard operating procedures, and more. 
If you're stuck working "in" your business as opposed to working "on" it, then Tim Francis will help you avoid burnout, take time off, travel, or work on other ventures all while your business becomes more profitable and requires less of your time to manage. Employees will appreciate how clear and organized your business becomes as a result of hearing from Tim. 

Gaynete Jones, bestselling author and founder of G.A.M.E. Changing Industries
Hear how she built a successful "side hustle" while working full-time in the corporate world, and discover how you can turn your passions into profit. 
If you've ever wanted to write a book, create an online course, work from home, earn features in major media publications, speak to thousands of people through social media or email newsletter every day, and become a "goal chaser", then you will NOT want to miss this experience. 

Michael Branco, serial entrepreneur behind Premier Tickets, Fireminds, and AAC Bermuda
Discover Michael's tips, tricks, and strategies for starting and scaling multiple companies in Bermuda, expanding internationally, and managing one's time with lots of employees and obligations.
Now reporting to a publicly traded company, while having recently acquired the AAC business in Bermuda, and serving a majority of the local events and ticketing market in Bermuda, Michael Branco is busier than ever. Still, he has time to pursue new opportunities, spend quality time with his family, and give back. He will share "how" he's able to manage it all on the "Business In Bermuda" panel during #BES2019. 

Erica Smith, ACIP, Executive Director of the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation
After working with over 6,000 small and medium-sized Bermudian enterprises since becoming the Executive Director of the BEDC, Erica is one of the island's most knowledgeable experts on how to successfully operate your business in Bermuda. 
On our "Business In Bermuda" panel, Erica can help you think through financing your business, marketing your products and services locally, networking with the right corporate, small business, and government stakeholders, navigate accounting needs for your small business, and access programs supporting new business owners.

Matt Thomas, world-champion athlete and Founder of Brawl For A Cause
Learn Matt's top tips and strategies for achieving peak mental, physical, and emotional health and discover what philanthropic causes you care about so much that you'd be willing to take a punch to support them. 
As co-founder of the Bermuda Entrepreneurship Summit, Matt is also here to help you experience all that #BES2019 has to offer you. He will be kicking off the summit with some guided meditations and other hard-hitting, introspective prompts to wake you up to what's possible as a result of surrounding yourself with Bermuda's best entrepreneurs and rockstar corporate "intrapreneurs" when you join us in November. 

Zach Ursiny, CEO of Advantage Coaching & Training
Zach Ursiny will be sharing secrets to peak performance at work and with your team, developed over decades of proprietary research in positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and leadership.
Zach’s workshops create an environment of creativity, challenge, and vulnerability, while implementing immediate and lasting change. Using real life experiences and stories, he focuses his work on high impact results by digging deep into goals, blocks, and paths to success. ACT's clients have included major financial firms like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Invesco, Chase, ING, UBS, and more, as well as companies such as Accenture, Microsoft, Gap, Commonwealth Edison, and the American Psychological Association.

Kidist "Pinky" Emery, Owner of Salon Pink
After serving thousands of clients and earning "Best In Bermuda" awards for her work, Pinky is leading the training, empowerment, and investment of our next generation, and will be joining us at #BES2019 to help you, too! 
With almost a decade in business, and after teaching at the Bermuda College, Pinky's ideas on integrity, grit, confidence, passion, and self-education when it comes to your career will leave you inspired and accountable to execute on all the great ideas and connections you receive from attending the Bermuda Entrepreneurship Summit. 

Sean Reel, Executive Director of Ignite Bermuda
Leading one of the island's most successful programs in inspiring entrepreneurship, Sean Reel will be sharing his insights on starting or growing your "Business In Bermuda" in our marquee panel. 
Sean is an investor, board director, and mentor to over 50 companies in his active portfolio, and has worked in senior roles for large international companies as well as early stage businesses. He has led or supported deals in excess of £1.1 Billion including trade sales, IPO and MBO, as well as complex property transactions. Ignite Bermuda is currently accepting applications for their second cohort of companies. 

Jared Kleinert, TED speaker and USA Today's 
"Most Connected Millennial".
Discover how you can quickly build a world-class network and never attend another conference, workshop, or event without maximizing the ROI for your time and money. 
Effective networking can lead to more referrals, easier and more valuable sales, mentorship from your industry icons, profitable partnerships, endless opportunities, accountability from those you admire, access to top talent for your organization, and an overall better career long-term. 
...plus other speakers to-be-announced soon!
Who Is This Experience For?
This is a "can't miss" opportunity for you if you...
  • Run a small business in Bermuda and are looking to expand internationally and/or through increased online sales.
  • Want to learn more about local resources you can take advantage of when it comes to funding, marketing, hiring for, managing, and promoting your business. 
  • ​Want to create a podcast, write a book, give a TED talk, or otherwise become a "thought leader" in your industry.
  •  Don't yet have a strong network across Bermuda's business community and want to meet potential new clients, mentors, partners, vendors, and local influencers.
  •  Want to invest in your team's professional development and decide to not only register yourself for this experience, but bring your entire team with you so you're able to create a cultural shift in your organization. 
  •  Provide business services and want to not only meet new prospects, but learn from successful entrepreneurs who are running successful practices in Bermuda, the US, etc. 
  •  Understand that investing in yourself is the fastest path to achieving your career goals, even if its intimidating to be in a room with hundreds of professionals or you're not used to attending these type of high-level events (yet). 
    Who Is This NOT For?
    Although we protect your investment with a "More Than Money Back" guarantee that you won't find anywhere else, we'd rather you stay at home if...
    • You do NOT want to start your own business, develop a profitable "side hustle", or wish to earn a raise or promotion in your day job in the next two years. 
    • You do not actively want to work on your professional skills, mindsets, or networking (even if it will ultimately provide you with the ability to earn more money and do work you love). 
    • ​You are looking to pitch your products or services to other attendees without taking an interest in their success or building long-term relationships with others.
    • You can't afford to invest in attending the summit without going into credit card debt. 
    •  You have zero interest in business, entrepreneurship, or meeting other high-achieving corporate "intrapreneurs".
    •  You're unable to attend at least 80% of the sessions listed in our summit agenda.
    Will You Be Joining Us At The Bermuda Entrepreneurship Summit? 
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    • Save $300 (limit 50)
    • Access to preferred seating
    • Lunch, coffee, and healthy snacks provided
    • Keynotes, breakouts, and facilitated networking opportunities
    • Access to attendee Facebook Group
    • Summit Materials - digital download of select resources from our speakers
    general admission
    • Lunch, coffee, and healthy snacks provided
    • Keynotes, breakouts, and facilitated networking opportunities
    • Access to attendee Facebook Group
    • Summit Materials - digital download of select resources from our speakers
    LIMIT 50
    • Access to private cocktail reception with speakers and fellow VIPs
    • Reserved seating in the front rows
    • Curated connections introducing you to fellow attendees
    • 30 minute welcome call with USA Today's "Most Connected Millennial" Jared Kleinert
    • Keynotes, breakouts, and facilitated networking opportunities
    • Access to attendee Facebook Group
    • Summit Materials - digital download of select resources from our speakers
    • Exclusive invitation to other private dinners and events in Bermuda
    At This Summit, You'll Learn:
    •  How to turn your reputation into revenue - whether you run a small business that relies on your personal network or you're currently working in a career reliant on your marketing and sales abilities. 
    • How to start a profitable "side hustle", outside of your 9-to-5, that adds tens of thousands of dollars (or more!) to your annual income. 
    • Why you should spend more time working in your "Zone of Genius" and delegate everything else to colleagues, assistants, or freelancers from around the globe.
    • How to start and scale a business in Bermuda.
    • Ways to grow your Bermudian business internationally through online-friendly business models. 
    • How to build deep, meaningful relationships with press, clients, partners, and other stakeholders in your success who want to support your growth and help you build your career long-term. 
    • Tips and tricks for improving your mental, physical, and emotional health so you can benefit from a long and happy career
    • How to kickstart a conversation at any conference, event, or meeting you attend in the future - without having to rely on conversations about weather, sports, or politics. 
    • How to "make it" as a minority business owner and leverage your unique abilities and perspectives to ultimately beat the competition
    • Why investing in yourself is the single, most powerful way to skyrocket your success.
    • ...and more! 
    You will spend every minute of this experience networking, learning practical, actionable information, and doing something that your "future self" will thank you for...
    The following is our current agenda, which is subject to change as we look to maximize the ROI you'll receive from #BES2019.
    8:00 - 9:00
    Check-In and Coffee
    9:00 - 9:15
    Opening Remarks from Minister of the Cabinet, the Honorable Wayne Furbert
    9:15 - 9:45
    Matt Thomas | Guided Meditation | Tips for Achieving Peak Mental, Physical, 
    and Emotional Health from a World-Class Athlete 
    9:45 - 10:00
    Jared Kleinert | Breakout Session | How to Network Like A Pro At The 
    Bermuda Entrepreneurship Summit (interactive session)
    10:00 - 10:15
    10:15 - 11:00
    Gaynete Edwards Jones | Keynote | Side Hustling Your Way To Success
    11:00 - 11:15
    11:15 - 12:00
    Elyse Archer | Keynote | Personal Branding, Standing Out From The Crowd, 
    and Turning Your Reputation Into Revenue
    12:00 - 12:15
    12:15 - 1:00
    Tim Francis | Keynote | Time Management and Executive Level Productivity
    1:00 - 2:00
    2:00 - 2:30
    Hear from Some Of Bermuda's Most Exciting New Startups!!!
    2:30 - 3:30
    Erica Smith, Kidist "Pinky" Emery, Michael Branco, Sean Reel, and other panelists to-be-announced. 
    Panel | Business In Bermuda 
    3:30 - 3:45
    3:45 - 4:30
    Zach Ursiny | Keynote | Peak Performance As An "Intrapreneur" And As A Skilled Executive Team
    4:30 - 5:00
    Jared Kleinert | Closing Remarks | How To Build A World-Class Network In Record Time
    VIP Ticket Holders Only | Reception and Evening Cruise
    Frequently Asked Questions
    I've only recently launched my business, and I'm currently working a 9-to-5 job. Should I still attend? 
    Yes! An experience like this could not only introduce you to new peers, mentors, clients, press contacts, and others, but you will save thousands of dollars (at least!) and countless hours in starting your company with the expert advice you'll receive from our keynote speakers.  Plus, we want to celebrate you taking the first step in your entrepreneurial journey. What better place than a summit dedicated to YOU!
    What if I register for a ticket, then end up having to travel (or don't yet know if I'll be in town for #BES2019)?
    Seats are limited for this experience, so book your ticket now, and if you end up traveling for work when we are hosting the summit, you can transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague.
    Do you offer corporate discounts?
    If you would like to register for five (5) or more tickets so that you and your team can attend the summit together, or so you can gift tickets to your clients, we would be happy to accommodate you! Please email contact@BermudaEntrepreneurshipSummit.com. 
    Who else is attending?
    Past events we've hosted in Bermuda have attracted attendees including high-ranking members of government, C-suite and SVP-level corporate executives, owners of small and medium businesses, members of local media outlets, and international attendees who fly in from around the world to visit the island. Our Early Bird tickets sold out to an extremely diverse crowd, and so we are excited to introduce you to people you may NOT already know, despite how connected the Bermudian business community is already. 
    Our Sponsors + Partners

    Questions? Let's Connect!
    Want to sponsor the Bermuda Entrepreneurship Summit? Interested in covering the event as a member of the press? Need additional support? Please email
    Want to sponsor the Bermuda Entrepreneurship Summit? Interested in covering the event as a member of the press? Need additional support? 
    Please email contact @ BermudaEntrepreneurshipSummit.com.